Rovity Is the Fastest WordPress Host to Accelerate Your Site 🚀

We engineered our cloud infrastructure with Performance, Speed, Scalability, and Security in mind.

Experience India’s First Integrative WordPress Hosting – the next generation of shared WP hosting on the cloud.

This is our average Google PageSpeed insights score; it will be yours as well.

Pagespeed Insights Score

Rovity Is Feature Packed

Rovity results from the commitment towards achieving digital excellence in the industry through world-class innovations never been done before.

Our dedication to customer service inspires our infrastructure. Our cloud is powered by Amazon Web Services (AWS), optimized with CloudLinux OS, managed using DirectAdmin, and accelerated by LiteSpeed Web Server.

Rovity will optimize the Core Web Vitals of each website hosted with us for free; this will directly improve the SEO of the website.

Our Content Delivery Network (CDN) is spread across 54+ data centers globally. Our global network will make your website super fast, making your website load it in less than 1 second.

We offer a free drag and drop website builder, Divi theme builder, to help you quickly launch your website. You can build any site with Divi, including an online shop, with ease.

Rovity provides free A+ Graded SSL Certificates for all of your domains and subdomains with every subscription plan.

Our LiteSpeed is an advanced Web Server that includes cutting-edge technologies such as HTTP/3. You have access to the fastest PHP handler along with a built-in LSCache plugin at the server level.

Technical jargon can confuse you, and we understand that. Our engineers will resolve any technical issues you may have. Your business is your focus; your website health is our priority.

Rovity offers free migration, includes multiple PHP Versions (4.4 through 8.0), and provides One-Click WordPress Installer.

You won’t have to pay more when you renew your subscription as the renewal price will be the same for all plans.

Choose a Plan That Works for You

A complete package with all the pro features you could ever need.
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Would you like to try it first?

There are many more features and perks included in each plan. We offer you a ₹49 trial of the Silver plan for the first month instead of the regular ₹149 price. Afterward, you can start renewing it regularly with ₹149, upgrade it anytime or cancel it.

30 Days Money-Back Guarantee
DirectAdmin Control Panel
99.99 Uptime
Free Migration

Multiple PHP Versions (4.4 through 8.0)
Node JS Hosting
One-Click WordPress Installer
Friendly and Experienced Support
Efficient Email Delivery

WordPress Optimized Hosting

India’s First Integrative WordPress Hosting

Rovity has created a unique WordPress Hosting solution that performs better than traditional shared hosting and managed WordPress hosting. With Rovity’s Integrative WordPress Hosting, you’ll get the best of both worlds with all of our plans.

Let’s say you need to set up cache and CDN. Instead of giving you technical guidance or helping you find it yourself, we configure it for you. So, we fix technical issues of your website for free while you still have total control of your WordPress website.

So, you can save your time and focus on growing your business faster.

We Help You to Improve Your Core Web Vitals Score.

Rovity Performance Booster

Core Web Vitals are crucial to the success of your website. Google acknowledges that page speed plays a vital role in SEO ranking factors. Core Web Vitals impact the performance of a website.

Optimizing your website for Google PageSpeed Insights can be very difficult. Still, with every plan of Rovity, you will get 99+ mobile scores and a 100 desktop score for your WordPress website.

Getting your desired score is our goal. Get better performance by subscribing to Rovity and boosting your Core Web Vitals.

Pagespeed Insights Score

Largest Contentful Paint (LCP)
First Input Delay (FID)
Cumulative Layout Shift (CLS)

Cloud Based Scalable Resources

India’s First Fully-Customizable Shared Hosting Plan.

Pay Less & Use More With Zenith

Once an individual has a subscription to the diamond plan, he/she can upgrade to the Zenith plan for free.

Once upgraded to Zenith, if you wish to have an additional 10 GB to have more space for the website or store emails, you can purchase this extra resource.

Similarly, if you wish to host multiple websites, you can host them within your existing account. You don’t need to subscribe to another plan. This method is way affordable than placing a new subscription order for another website.

This is going to help you save up to 67% from your regular hosting expenses.

Click here to know more about our Zenith plan

I am a UX Designer. I hosted my portfolio and all of my client projects with Rovity. Their server optimization is incredible. Thanks for being start-up-friendly.

Ajai B

Ajai B

Great support and amazing prices. Perfect for anyone looking to start their website quickly and effortlessly.

Kshitij Shah

Kshitij Shah

They provide affordable and high-quality hosting and domain registrar. Their support team is excellent and resolved all my queries and issues.

Prerana A V

Prerana A V

Best service in class. Support is really good. They really took my problem as their and solved it at the top most priority. I would recommend this to all. Give it a try, you won’t be disappointed.

Deepak Sharma

Deepak Sharma