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31 Aug, 2023

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Hello everyone, welcome back to another product update video.

In this video, I am super excited to announce the availability of our newly improved backup solution.

We have redesigned our internal server-level backup solution.

This new backup system will help us take all server backups much faster than before. Thanks to the modern compression algorithm, all backups will be highly compressed.

With this new system, you do not need to install any additional backup plugins or pay for any external services to take your backup.

We will cover that for you.

At present, this backup service is now live. And you do not need to pay anything extra.

We will take backup of your whole DirectAdmin account automatically.

Currently, this system will take backups every night.

Our engineers are working on extending this automated backup job available weekly and monthly.

That means if you have any issues with your recent files, we can go back to the one-week or one month older version of your website and restore that version.

Let me give you a quick use case.

Suppose you have updated the CSS file of your website. However, your partner did not like the new look. And unfortunately, you do not have any local backup. You were forced to redo the changes again to bring back the old look.

Or, you accidentally deleted a configuration file that you don’t have any local backup on your personal computer. You know that there is no Control Z in a Linux system, mainly when using FTP programs.

With our old backup mechanism, we need to restore the complete DirectAdmin account for you.

The good news is that we can now selectively restore files with our new backup solution.

This new backup solution is already live on our production servers and has begun taking backups of your accounts.

That’s all for this quick product update video. I hope you’ll enjoy seeing what we’re bringing to you.

Suppose you wish to get all of these premium features. In that case, you can consider migrating to Rovity. And then you can enjoy all these cool new things we have for you.

Thanks for watching this video. I will see you again soon with another super exciting product update.

Jafar Muhammed

Jafar Muhammed has 10+ years of experience in WordPress, web hosting, domain names, DNS, CDN, server administration, etc. He is an open web advocate. He is the CEO of Rovity, the fastest-growing premium shared hosting startup in India.

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