Adding Multiple Domains and Storage Disk Space

07 Nov, 2023

A lack of scalability is one of the primary reasons people do not wish to use a shared hosting service.

Typically, shared hosting services aren’t flexible; you can’t scale it as you can do with a VPS.

Since Rovity is a cloud-based hosting service provider, you can scale your shared hosting plans.

In this blog post, I will help you to scale your disk space on demand.

We will also discuss how you can add extra domains to your single hosting package.

Shh! This is going to save you up to 67% off from your regular hosting expenses.


You must have an active Diamond plan to add extra disk space and additional domains.

All other plans don’t have this feature available.

Pay Less, Use More

Our pricing is affordable to start with and gets cheaper when you use more.

The higher plan you subscribe to, the lower the cost to you.

Now, let me explain why and when you want to add extra storage space or domain to your account.

Imagine that your company is primarily relying on conversational emails. You talk with your clients and vendors, primarily via emails.

You will eventually consume all your allocated disk space. You will then look to increase the storage space.

You can now attach more disk space as you grow without switching to a VPS.

Opting for this will make you save more than 60%.

Now, let’s see how the additional domain name option helps you.

You are about to launch a personal portfolio website. You currently have a business website that has enough space to host your portfolio site.

In this case, you can host this website along with your other domains.

So, within a single hosting subscription, you can host multiple domains.

That will give you more than a 67% reduction in cost.

How to Attach Extra Disk Space and Additional Domains?

Now let me show you how you can subscribe to these additional resources.

There are two options available.

You can add these dynamic resources when you subscribe to the package. Or, you can add them later when you need them.

I will show you both ways.

Adding Dynamic Resources at the Moment of Subscribing

Visit our plans page and click on the Subscribe Now button of the Diamond plan.

Now on the next screen, input your domain name.

Do you know that we offer a free domain name for every hosting plan that gets renewed when you renew the associated hosting package?

You will now see the Configure page.

On this Configure page, scroll down a bit.

Rovity Hosting Configure Page

You can then see the Configurable Options section.

Here, input your required extra space in the SSD Disk Space in the GB field.

Please note that we offer extra spaces in GBs. That means you can add 1 GB, 5 GB, 149 GB, or as much as you want in GBs.

Our system will update your total price instantly, so you know what you are going to pay.

Similarly, use the Extra Domains field to add any number of domains you wish to host.

Press the Continue button and proceed further with the checkout flow.

Adding Dynamic Resources on Demand

Now, let’s see how we can attach the dynamic resources anytime.

For that, you will have to log in to your Rovity Client Area.

Once you have logged in to your Client Area, click on the Services.

You can see all your services listed on this My Products & Services page.

Rovity Configure Active Service

Now click on the Active button.

Rovity Upgrade Downgrade Options

On this Manage Product page, click on the Upgrade/Downgrade Options link under the Actions widget.

Rovity Upgrade New Configuration Field

In the New Configuration field, input your preferred values.

Then hit the Click to Continue button.

You will then see the pricing for the remaining period based on the Pro-rata formula.

That means you only have to pay for the addons on the days remaining in your current billing cycle.

Once your billing cycle refreshes, the pricing will adjust accordingly.

Now proceed with the on-screen prompts to finish the upgrade order.

That’s it.

I hope you will love how to scale up your web hosting needs with our easy-to-use methods.

Gifty Antony

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