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31 Aug, 2023

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Hi everyone, Welcome back to a new video.

In this video, I will talk about how to change the WordPress default login URL and enhance the security of your WordPress admin area.

There are millions of WordPress websites on the internet. And by default, all of them are using the same login URL.

That is

Imagine someone knew your domain address. It can be your competitor, a cybercriminal, or a bot.

They can easily knock on your admin URL for the login screen and try to access the admin dashboard by using the combination of various usernames and passwords.

Of course, if you use a strong password and deploy extra security, like a captcha, you can protect the site well.

However, changing the default login URL will give you an easy-to-deploy security improvement.

There is no way to find out your WordPress login URL or where you access your dashboard.

Don’t you think it is an excellent idea to hide your main entrance?

Yes, I know you too think the same way.

I will go to our demo WordPress website and show you how to change the default login URL to secure it.

So I just logged into the demo WordPress website, and I will add a new plugin here by clicking on this Add New link.

This is where we install new plugins from the WordPress repository.

In this search field, I am going to type WPS Hide Login. WordPress will now list all the plugins related to my search word.

Well, I am going to install this WPS Hide Login plugin. After completing the installation process, I will click the Activate button and let the plugin do its magic.

So the WPS Hide Login plugin is now activated.

Since you are on this page, you can click on this Settings link.

You can also access the settings from the Settings menu and then WPS Hide Login.

Here you can see the WPS Hide Login configuration section.

There are just two input areas. One is Login URL, and the second one is the Redirection URL.

This Login URL will be the custom login link that we will be going to use. 

This can be anything that you will remember. It can be any number like 2021 or words like Madness.

You can use anything as per your taste. Be creative here, but make sure that you don’t forget it.

Now let’s talk about the Redirection URL.

Suppose someone is trying to access the old default login URL.

And in that case, they will be redirected to this particular URL that we will give here.

This is our default 404 Not Found page URL.

We can change this to something like our About Us page if you wish. Or empty it, and the redirection will happen to the home page.

I will keep it as it is.

And then, I will click on the Save Changes button here.

We are done with the configuration now.

Let’s test this now so that you can see it in action.

I am going to copy this URL and paste it into a different browser. So I can try to access the admin dashboard there.

So the default URL is wp-login.php, and it shows the 404 error message here.

Now, I will enter the correct login URL that I just saved using the plugin.

Very nice. I can see the login screen to input our username and password and then enter the admin dashboard.

Very well.

I hope you will love this simple trick to change the default login URL and protect your WordPress admin from unauthorized access.

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Thank you so much for watching this video so far, and I will see you in a new video.

Jafar Muhammed

Jafar Muhammed has 10+ years of experience in WordPress, web hosting, domain names, DNS, CDN, server administration, etc. He is an open web advocate. He is the CEO of Rovity, the fastest-growing premium shared hosting startup in India.

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