How to Enable DKIM in DirectAdmin?

10 Jan, 2024

In this tutorial, you will learn how to Enable DKIM in your DirectAdmin account.

Enabling DKIM helps you to have better e-mail deliverability.

So, make sure you have DKIM enabled for all your outgoing e-mails.

First, let us see what DKIM is and its advantages.

What is DKIM?

DKIM or Domain Keys Identified Mail is an e-mail authentication system.

DKIM is a secured digital signature for e-mails to prove they originated from you; thus, it is easier to identify spoofed e-mails.

The sending mail server digitally signs the e-mail with an encrypted private key to your message header.

The receiving mail server then validates the signature with the public key retrieved from the domain’s DNS data.

The validation performs on a server level; thus, these DKIM signatures are not visible to end-users.

Enable DKIM in DirectAdmin

If you have hosted your domains with us, mostly your domain will have DKIM enabled by default.

You can verify the DKIM from your DirectAdmin control panel.

To check the DKIM status, log in to your DirectAdmin and click on the E-mail Accounts under the E-mail Manager section.

On this E-mail Accounts page, you can see the current status of your DKIM.

Enable DKIM in DirectAdmin

If you see Disable DKIM button as seen in this screenshot, that means DKIM is already enabled.

Clicking on the Disable DKIM button will disable DKIM signatures, so make sure the DKIM is always activated.

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