Generic and Performance Features

All the Generic and Performance Features

Unmetered Bandwidth
Free Migration Support
Friendly Support Staff
NodeJS Hosting

30 Days Money Back Guarantee
Softaculous Auto Installer
Roundcube Webmail
WebServer Cache

PHP version 4.4 – 8.0
PHP Selector
PHP Extensions Manager

Networking and Security Features

All the Networking and Security Features

A+ Graded TLS/SSL Certificate
TLS 1.3
HTTP Strict Transport Security (HSTS)
GZIP and Brotli compression
Optimized commercial mod_security engine
Anti-DDoS connection and bandwidth throttling
Anti SSL BEAST and negotiation attack capabilities
Strict HTTP request validation
Denies buffer-overrun attempts
Automatic reCAPTCHA Protection
Automatic WordPress Brute Force Attacks Protection