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31 Aug, 2023

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Hi everybody, welcome back to another video.

This is another product update video, and I’m super excited to share the news with you all.

Rovity started offering free WHOIS privacy protection with all the supported domain TLDs.

It is not just for the first year. It will be available for free as long as you renew your domain name. So yeah, technically, this is a lifetime valid WHOIS privacy protection.

Now, if you are wondering what WHOIS privacy protection is, let me brief that very quickly.

WHOIS is a publicly accessible database containing all the information about a domain name and the domain owner.

When you register a new domain name, you will have to give many details like your full name, email address, mobile number, physical location, etc. And as per the regulations, you will have to provide your correct and up-to-date contact information during the domain registration.

Anyone can publicly access this data, including your competitor, and they can use it in whatever way they wish to.

There are so many tools to check the WHOIS database. And in this example, I will use one of the domains that one of our customers registered yesterday.

See, every personal information is replaced with a dummy value. There is no sign of which country or state and the owner’s name or mobile number, nothing else showing here.

This is the level of protection that we are offering to you.

Listen, this is what happens when you register a new domain name without WHOIS privacy protection in place. As soon as you finish the registration, you will get emails and phone calls from lead generation firms, freelancers, web designers and developers, SEO agencies. There are so many like this.

Of course, this method is called lead generation or cold calling and cold emailing. I’m not indeed blaming them for trying to get your business.

Think about the situation where you receive a lot of calls and messages. I don’t think you can tolerate that.

The domain owner can get protection from these unsolicited calls and private data scraping by using WHOIS data privacy protection services.

But usually, they are paid services, and it may cost you around 200 rupees or more per year per domain depends on the registrar you used,

Indeed at Rovity, we were also selling the WHOIS protection service as a paid service.

But now, we are offering these WHOIS data privacy protection utterly free to all the domains that register with us.

Our WHOIS privacy protection will be automatically activated as soon as the registration is finished. So you do not need to enable it manually or make any adjustments to get this protection for your domains. 

And you will get the same privacy protection for your domain that you have registered somewhere else if you are transferring into Rovity’s network.

Fantastic, isn’t it?

That’s it for this video, and I hope you will enjoy the WHOIS privacy protection that we are offering for free.

Suppose you have registered your domain with another company and you wish to transfer it to Rovity. In that case, you can always reach out to us, and we are ready to help you with that.

We offer a very competitive price with many premium features for domains as well as hosting.

Thanks for watching this video, and I will see you in the coming video. 

Jafar Muhammed

Jafar Muhammed has 10+ years of experience in WordPress, web hosting, domain names, DNS, CDN, server administration, etc. He is an open web advocate. He is the CEO of Rovity, the fastest-growing premium shared hosting startup in India.

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