How to Connect DirectAdmin With SFTP

31 Aug, 2023

DirectAdmin has a built-in File Manager that helps you to transfer files faster and secure.

There are times you need to connect to your hosting server account via SFTP instead of DirectAdmin’s File Manager.

In this tutorial, I will show you how to connect your hosting server with SFTP.

What is SFTP?

SFTP or SSH File Transfer Protocol is a secure file transfer protocol. It also is known as Secure File Transfer Protocol.

Unlike traditional FTP, SFTP runs over the SSH protocol. Thus SFTP supports the full security and authentication functionality of SSH.

SFTP has pretty much-replaced legacy FTP as a file transfer protocol and is quickly replacing FTPS (FTP with Security).

SFTP provides all the functionality offered by these protocols, but more securely and more reliably.

Bitvise SSH Client

As the first step, you will have to install the Bitvise SSH Client. If you are using popular FTP clients like FileZilla, you can keep using it.

You can download Bitvise SSH Client from their download page.

Install Bitvise SSH Client software once the download is finished.

Bitvise SSH Client Login Screen

Here is the main screen of the software. Please fill in the following login details.

  • Host: Your Domain Name
  • Username: Your DirectAdmin Username
  • Initial method: Password

Once you filled in the login details, click on the login button.

If this is your first-time login, Bitvise will ask you to perform the Host Key Verification.

How to Connect DirectAdmin With SFTP

Accept and Save: If you connect from your main computer to your active server, click on this button. You won’t see the Host Key Verification prompt again.

Accept for This Session: If you think you won’t access this server often from this computer, choose this option.

Now, you will see an SSH window and an SFTP window.

SFTP window here is the same as the traditional FTP window.

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