How to Create E-mail Address in DirectAdmin

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Creating and managing your custom e-mail address in DirectAdmin control panel is easy.

In this tutorial, I will show you the steps to create your custom e-mail address from DirectAdmin control panel.

You will have to log in to your free DirectAdmin control panel to create and manage e-mail addresses.

If you don’t know how to log in to your DirectAdmin dashboard, please see How to Login to Directadmin Control Panel.

Once you have logged in, please click on the E-mail Accounts icon under the E-mail Manager category.

You will now be at E-mail Accounts page where you can manage your existing e-mail addresses.

You can create a new e-mail address from this page. For that, click on the Create Account button.

From Create Mail Account page, you will have to input your preferred Username, Password, E-mail Quota in MB, and Send Limit.

Now click on the Create Account button.

DirectAdmin will now create an e-mail account with the details you provided.

Once the account creation finished, you will see a message like the one above.

Email Client Settings

If you need to connect your emails to an external application like Mozilla Thunderbird or Spark, these details can be handy.

Most of the time, email clients would detect and configure the necessary details.

If that doesn’t work, instead of trying again, you may need to change the email server details.

Incoming Email Settings

Protocol: IMAP


Port: 993


Outgoing Email Settings

Protocol: SMTP


Port: 587


Please make sure that you have replaced with your actual domain name.

Your DNS Manager may be an external service like Cloudflare. Or you may use third party Email Service Providers like G Suite.

In that case, you have to make additional DNS changes.

If you are stuck in something, feel free to contact support.

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