How to Install SSL Certificates From DirectAdmin

31 Aug, 2023

Update: We are now using a fully automated method to install and renew the SSL certificate for your domain. The only requirement is to update the Nameservers to Rovity’s NSs, and everything will be automatically managed.

Having an SSL Certificate is critical to the success and reputation of your website.

At Rovity, we offer free A+ graded SSL Certificates for all of your domains and subdomains.

In this tutorial, I will show you how you can request an SSL Certificate from Let’s Encrypt and install it on your domains via the DirectAdmin control panel.

Please make sure that you have changed your Nameservers value before you attempt to request an SSL Certificate.

Otherwise, Let’s Encrypt, the Certificate Authority will reject the request.

Heads-up: You might think this free SSL Certificate would be weaker than the paid SSL certificates.

Nope, that’s a wrong assumption.

Read Free Vs Paid SSL Certificates – What You Need to Know?

Log in to Your DirectAdmin Control Panel

You will have to log in to your DirectAdmin control panel to start the installation process.

If you don’t know how to access your DirectAdmin control panel, see How to Login to Directadmin Control Panel.

Once you have logged in, you will see the SSL Certificates icon under the Account Manager section.

SSL Certificates in DirectAdmin

Click on the SSL Certificates icon.

How to Install SSL Certificates From DirectAdmin

In this SSL Certificates page, make sure you are at the first tab that says Free & automatic certificate from Let’s Encrypt.

Here, default selected options are the recommended options.

  • Common Name: Your domain name
  • Key Size (bits): EC-384
  • Certificate Type: SHA256

Please select the checkbox against the Let’s Encrypt Certificate Entries; then, it will select all available domains, including sub-domains.

If you have any values, such as pointing to external resources, please unselect that value. Otherwise, the SSL Certificate request may fail.

For example, if Google’s G Suite manages your emails, then you must exclude those values.

Now click on the SAVE button.

DirectAdmin SSL Certificate Saved

Our system will now show you a message like the one above.

Once the request to Let’s Encrypt is finished, then our system will install the SSL Certificates.

Congratulations, You made it! ????

Our system will automatically renew your SSL certificates, so you don’t need to perform this step every time.

How to Check the Quality of the SSL Certificates?

YouTube video

You can test and verify the strength of the SSL certificate once installed.

Visit Qualys’s SSL Labs server test page.

In the Hostname, input your domain name and then hit the Submit button.

The test will take some time, so be patient.

Once the test is finished, you can see the grade and all the details.

How to Check the Quality of the SSL Certificates?

For example, here is the test result of one of our test domains.

A mind-blowing A+ rated SSL certificates, right?

Awesome! That’s what your domain will also be going to get.

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