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Affiliate Marketing is an excellent way to earn income with absolutely zero investment.

In Affiliate Marketing, you refer a company to your friends, colleagues, and audience.

Once they purchase from the company, you earn a commission out of the transaction.

We have an Affiliate Marketing program where you can earn 25% of the products sold through your referral link.

How Does the Rovity Affiliate System Work?

Head over to Affiliate Page and register if you haven’t.

Post-activation of your Rovity Affiliate account, you will get a unique affiliates link.

This is the link you will be sharing with everyone.

How does the Rovity Affiliate system works?

If you share your link with someone, they do not need to instantly buy any product; we have a 90 Day cookie window.

Once the visitor subscribes to our services through your affiliates link, you will get the commission to your bank account.

Please note that we will have a 30 Days hold time post subscription because we offer a 30-day money-back guarantee.

Once that hold time is crossed, you can request a withdrawal if you have a minimum of ₹1000 in your affiliate account.


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