Making Money From Blogging: 6 Effective Methods

31 Aug, 2023

By using content, you can make a lot of money online. All you have to do is follow your passion and share your expertise with the world. All thanks to the growing content creator economy and robust tools like WordPress.

However, suppose you are a beginner and just trying to get started with content marketing. In that case, I assume that the reality behind generating money from blogging will confuse you. Sometimes you will feel like you are losing your way or playing a game to figure out how other bloggers and creators are making their money.

I understand your feelings and confusion. I am here to help you.

In this blog post, you will receive a clear explanation that you have been looking for. This blog post will provide you with a transparent guide to the six proven ways to earn money using the blog. I will also cover some tips to help you find the best method that suits you.

So let’s get to you make money online.

1 – For Modern Creators, Offering Membership Is the Best Option

This membership model is one of the most popular revenue-generating methods within software companies because of the stability this method will bring to the business. The membership method will also help you build an everlasting relationship with your customer.

So many people are now starting to use the membership model to earn more money using their online assets. Whether you are an independent creator or an established publishing house, the membership model will suit you.

Here is how the membership model will work in general:

  1. You create content or a community around a niche topic
  2. Your customers pay you directly to access what you have made exclusively on an ongoing basis

There are many benefits to memberships and recurring subscriptions if you choose that as a business model. You can have a higher revenue potential, and the model is more stable and predictable for month-to-month cash flow. And the content strategy is focused on building and nurturing relationships.

Unfortunately, this method will take longer to generate a steady revenue stream. However, the income you will earn will be highly sustainable in the long run for your business.

Like any other business model, it is essential to set clear expectations with your customer base. This is very important for the subscription-based revenue model because your customers commit to paying you repeatedly. I recommend you put a solid infrastructure to avoid the burnout that is quite normal in this business model.


  • The revenue potential is high
  • It provides the best customer experience
  • You are in total control of the business


  • It takes time and trust to monetize
  • It can be challenging to craft the right offer for your audience

2 – High-Traffic Blogs Make the Most Money From Advertising

If you are a new content creator, advertisement is one of the easiest ways to monetize your content. You can easily understand how ads work.

  1. You create quality content that will attract a large number of visitors
  2. Companies will pay you to display ads on your website

The CPM and number of visitors to your website you bring will be the major influences when you use ads. CPM means cost per 1000 impressions. The tricky part with this model is that CPM rates will be relatively low, especially if you are a new blogger. Generally, it will be 2 – 4 US dollars when using Google AdSense.

So even if you are operating a successful website with a very high amount of traffic, most bloggers will only make a few hundred dollars per month. Imagine more than 1 lakh people visiting your website every month, and you are only making just a few hundred dollars out of it. I don’t think that would be so much profitable.

But you don’t need to worry. Once you have reached a certain number of visitors as a milestone, you can join any premium ad network and increase your CPM rate. AdThrive, Mediavine, and Ezoic are the most popular premium advertisement networks.

However, the downside with these premium ad networks is that those companies will push to fill your pages with so many ads. Those companies need to maximize the profit from every visitor who lands on your website. They will have to place ads banners across your pages.

Unfortunately, this will lead to a disappointing user experience, which would hurt your brand and your website.


  • It is easy to implement
  • You can monetize visitors right away


  • The revenue potential is low
  • It hurts the user experience
  • Choosing which ads to show is difficult

3 – Small Blogs Will Benefit Most From Offering Premium Services

Most new bloggers believe that they need a high-traffic website to earn money. Bloggers are making this mistake by misunderstanding the concept.

The reason is that there is so much misinformation and the so-called success stories spread on the internet, which are using other revenue models that require so many visitors to the website. For example, ads, affiliate marketing, and sponsorship revenue models need your website to have many visitors to gain some money.

Interestingly smaller content creators with a highly targeted audience will easily earn more money than those blogs that get 10x more traffic. These smaller creators are making more money from their services to small groups or individuals. For example, they may provide one-on-one consulting, speaking, or coaching services.

  1. They create highly relevant content for a small group of people
  2. They provide a well-defined service that will help their small audience achieve a specific goal

If you are into this revenue generation model, you will have to position yourself and price like an expert. You will often share your accomplishments, credentials, and customer testimonials. Then you can charge a high and competitive rate. A strong value proposition is essential to making this content revenue model work.


  • The revenue potential is medium to high
  • You don’t need a big audience to succeed


  • Due to limited time, you can only accept a limited number of assignments
  • You must have expertise in several areas

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4 – Getting Sponsors for B2B Blogs Is Best

In simple terms, sponsorships are ads that you manage. Usually, a company will sponsor an individual post if that blog consistently gets decent traffic. The blog post will strategically place the sponsoring companies’ products and services in generic content related to their industry.

You can use the below strategy to attract potential sponsors:

  1. Create quality content that will target and rank for high-traffic keywords
  2. Pitch potential sponsors and offer them an opportunity to highlight their product and services in the article

Not every blog will be a good fit for sponsorships. For the company that sponsors your post, the return on investment (ROI) has to be worth it. This is why business-to-business (B2B) blogs have more sponsorship opportunities.

Such business content will usually target readers ready to spend some money to solve their existing problems. Here the sponsoring company can capitalize on this issue by getting their name in front of the right people at the right time.

So your readers will get a solution to their problems, and the sponsoring company will acquire a customer.


  • The revenue potential is medium
  • You have complete control over who advertises on your website


  • Finding and working with sponsors can take a lot of time
  • Different niches offer different sponsorship opportunities and rates

5 – B2C Blogs Are Best for Selling Products

In this context, a product is a general term and refers to any one-time purchase that your customers make. Your products could be a physical good like a book, T-shirt, or a digital good like a PDF, online course, software.

A successful content creator who will promote products and services will usually create content that would appeal to a broader range of audiences. Those audiences will mostly fall into the business-to-consumer category. If you target B2C, you will need to attract a large audience to make product sales a solid revenue-generating model.

Usually, this is how product creation works:

  1. You make engaging content that will appeal to so many people
  2. Discover their problems and wishes, and then create products and services to satisfy them

Most products are priced lower than the premium services and higher than the membership subscriptions. To have a successful business model, the content creator must sell many products to many customers.

You need to be aware that these products won’t offer you recurring revenue. They usually sell as a one-time purchase. So you will need to create and launch new products regularly to increase your earnings.


  • The revenue potential is medium to high
  • Once launched, products are often passive and scalable


  • Income is unpredictable
  • Creators lose a considerable amount of time and money when their launches fail
  • A large audience is necessary for success

6 – Niche Blogs Do Best With Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate marketing is the last method in this guide that will help you to monetize your blog. Generally, affiliate marketers focus on a single niche or a collection of related markets. They then publish articles that will help their readers to make purchasing decisions.

Most affiliate content follows a similar pattern regardless of the niche they selected. Affiliates usually list the best products, publish tutorials and comparisons, and offer reviews most of the time.

To start your affiliate website, you will need to:

  1. Reverse the process to create your content strategy. That is by starting with the products you want to recommend and then helping your readers decide based on the blog post you will write.
  2. Place affiliate links strategically throughout your articles

Generally, affiliate programs will pay bloggers through a sales-based commission model. So when someone clicks on a link and then purchases the recommended product, the affiliates get money from the service or product owner.

Depending on several factors, this will give the content creators some control over what they write and recommend.

Purchase life cycle, percentage of the commission, traffic requirement to make a sale are a few factors that will determine the success of the affiliate-based revenue model.


  • The revenue potential is medium
  • The companies you recommend handle fulfillment, so this is almost a passive income stream


  • Recommending a substandard product can hurt your customer’s trust
  • You don’t have control over commission percentages or program terms
  • Recurring revenue is rare in most programs

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Getting Started With Your Blog to Make Money Online

Now you know 6 reliable ways to make money from blogging. The most successful content creators usually find creative ways to balance different revenue models. They successfully publish blog posts that are still relevant and serve their large audience.

There is a way to make money online with blogging, no matter what blog you wish to start. Or you could even be a complete newbie in the blogging world, and you still can get started confidently. The key is to know where you want to take your blog writing and attract more visitors to your website so that every post you publish gets one step closer to your financial goals.

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Jafar Muhammed

Jafar Muhammed has 10+ years of experience in WordPress, web hosting, domain names, DNS, CDN, server administration, etc. He is an open web advocate. He is the CEO of Rovity, the fastest-growing premium shared hosting startup in India.

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