One Click SSH in DirectAdmin

One Click SSH in DirectAdmin

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Hi everyone.

Welcome back to a new product update video.

Rovity is one of India’s fastest-growing shared hosting companies, and you are watching one of our product update videos.

This product update is a little bit different from the regular updates we used to deliver.

This update is most beneficial to developers or techies in mind.

Our DirectAdmin control panel now has an integrated SSH client.

If you are a developer, you must be using an SSH client to manage your website.

In that case, you will mainly be using external SSH client applications to connect with the server.

Now you can fire up an SSH connection quickly from the DirectAdmin control panel itself.

Let me show you that.

Of course, the first step is to log in to your DirectAdmin account.

I assume that you have already logged into your DirectAdmin panel.

Now scroll down a little bit, and you will see the System Info & Files section.

Here you will see a new shiny icon; yes, an SSH Terminal icon.

This is our boy here. Just click on it, and an SSH connection window will be open.

SSH client window allows you to execute all commands at your privilege level and according to your permissions.

Swapping through this Disconnect menu will allow you to disconnect and re-connect the SSH connection.

Clicking on this Back menu will take you to the DirectAdmin homepage.

Pretty Cool.

Do you love this new addition that will improve your productivity? Let us know in the comment section below.

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Thank you so much for watching this product update video.

I will be back with another video soon.

Till then, stay safe and stay healthy.


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