Why you should not use FREE Domains

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Why you should not use FREE Domains - Host My Website Online

Many small groups and individuals are launching their websites online every single day. Most of the new webmasters are students or someone who starts to build a blogging website to earn some extra decent money. They may not have enough money to register a domain name and purchase a web hosting account.

So, they will search for free domain names and free hosting accounts; sadly there are hundreds of websites out there to make use of everyone who looks for a free domain and hosting.

Just like setting up a web server and maintaining it, domain name management also has many expenditures. There are costs associated with Registrar, Registry, ICANN etc. They have to keep their IT infrastructure, pay the salary, meet other office expenses etc. So, how can any company give you a domain name without you spending anything?

There are two types of free domains

Free domains with a paid product

Big companies like GoDaddy used to offer free domains as part of their product upsell strategy. You will get a legit domain name registered in your name, only if you purchase a paid service like a shared hosting account. Most of the times you can get a domain at a very lowest price, but from next year onwards when you renew it, you have to pay a higher amount.

Free domains without any commitments

There are a few TLDs which you can register free of cost, like .tk, .ml, .ga, .cf, .gq etc. from a few websites with absolutely zero of cost. Well, not really, the price is enormous. Why?

Ownership of the domain

Usually, when you register a domain, you own that digital asset. You can renew, change any contact details, host anywhere, transfer and renew at your will. But when you register a free domain with such companies, you will not technically own the domain. That means these companies can take back the domain, transfer to someone else or even delete it without letting you know or getting your consent.

Free domains affect SEO and email delivery

Search Engines are pretty smart; they can well guess that you are using a free domain and it is technically a disposable domain name. So, it is evident that they will not do anything even if you wrote an original high-quality content.

Most of the Email Service Providers and System Administrators are already marked such domain extensions as a massive source of spam emails. It is natural that when a spammer sees a free domain name, they will register their next website and send spam emails using that domain. So if you have a free domain name with a very low reputation, then surely whatever emails you send to your audience or customers they will not receive it.

People won’t trust you

In every business, especially an online business, trust is a crucial element. Luckily many people know that such disposable domain names and the risks associated with that. If your target audience is such educated people, then nothing will make you gain their trust.

A typical cost of a free disposable domain name

I will take John as an example. John is a computer student, and he wanted to start a technology blog focusing on quality Android Apps. He registered a free disposable domain and started building it. After a year of hard work, John has now thousands of articles and getting a decent income using Google AdSense which John connected to his blog.

On a fine day, he received an email says that his domain name transferred to someone else or deleted it. Or when John visits his blog, suddenly John started seeing an ad placed by the company John registered the domain. He realised that this company took the ownership of his successful blog and now received all the revenues generated by ads placed on John’s website. In reality, his blog and reputation he built from past a year, his audience and their traffic, income from Google AdSense all vanish. How bad is the situation, isn’t it?

Free subdomains

This free subdomain offer is another trick a few companies apply to get more sales. In reality, there is no additional cost setting up for a subdomain. People who just started may not identify a subdomain, and they will think that they got a free domain.

We understand why people are looking for a free domain and free web hosting. We recommend you to buy domains by spending some money. We at Host My Website Online is committed to bring more people online and help the Internet to have more genuine and beautiful websites. That’s why we have our Silver plan as low as ₹50.00 per month. Our shared hosting servers are 100% SSD with unlimited bandwidth and a free SSL certificate powered by Let’s Encrypt.

We engineered our cloud infrastructure with Performance, Speed, Scalability and Security in mind.

That’s why we built Rovity with AWS, CloudLinux OS, DirectAdmin and LiteSpeed Web Server.

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By Jafar Muhammed

Jafar Muhammed is an advocate of the open web, an open-source contributor, passionate to bring more people online. He is the CEO of Rovity.

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