How to Login to Your WordPress Admin (Easy Step)

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Are you new to WordPress and wondering How to log in to my WordPress Admin?

Worry not, this is the tutorial for you.

It is usual for new users to have difficulty locating their WordPress login URL after installing their first WordPress site.

I may have forgotten or misplaced my login URL because I have a terrible memory.

Here, I am going to help you to find your WordPress login URL easily – and never miss it again.

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Don’t worry; we are here to help you.

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Logging in to WordPress

To access the backend of your website, you need to visit the login page.

You can see your WordPress dashboard, once logged in.

You can create new pages and posts, manage your themes and plugins, and make other customisations to your site from here.

There are a few similar methods to access the WordPress admin area.

But I won’t make you confused.

Instead, I present you only one perfect solution that would work 100%.

By default, accessing the login page of a WordPress site is simple.

All you need to do is to add /admin to the end of the URL.

Here is a quick example.

Logging Into a Sub Directory or Sub Domain

Did you install your WordPress site in a sub-domain or a sub-directory?

Same rule apply here as well. Add /admin to the end of the URL.

Once you logged in, you can directly access the admin area of your WordPress site using this URL.

This URL check that you are still logged in to your site and redirect to your WordPress dashboard.

How to Remember Your WordPress Login URL?

Indeed, you don’t have to memorise your login URL.

You can bookmark it in your browser so that you never lose it again.

Once bookmarked, you have a quick and easy direct link to login to your admin dashboard.

Remember Me Feature in WordPress Login Page

On the WordPress login screen, you must have seen a checkbox labelled Remember Me.

How to Login to Your WordPress Admin (Easy Step) 1

Tick this box before you click on the login button.

Remember Me feature lets you access the admin area directly without re-login on your next visits.

But this built-in Remember Me feature won’t last for a few days or weeks, depends on your cookie settings.

Store Your WordPress Login Details in the Browser

Sometimes, it is not easy to input your username and password and log in manually.

If you own a computer, you can store your WordPress login details in your browsers.

All modern browsers now offer Password Manager feature built into the browsers. Browsers store this login details securely.

There are dedicated Password Manager apps like Firefox Lockwise, LastPass.

How to Login to Your WordPress Admin (Easy Step) 2
How to Login to Your WordPress Admin (Easy Step) 3

These password managers manage all your passwords and other login credentials securely.

I hope that now you can easily log in to your WordPress Admin Dashboard.

Feel free to share your thoughts in the comments section below.

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